Friday, 1 October 2010

A Good Week But For........

Posted by Simon

Whilst Rosie is in the UK - by the sound of it spending all the money she has earnt (though admittedly it was me that ordered 5 fruit trees for her to buy and not just the one she thought she was getting) - I have been looking after the boys, animals, veg garden, house etc, etc. And in the main it has been going well. The boys have been on time for the school bus - fed and dressed. Picked up on time (just) and all the animals have been fed and watered.

I have even had time to start the list of little jobs that need doing but always get put off. The brakes and gears work on the boys bikes properly now, the water butts are all in place. Logs are getting moved and today, because it was raining so hard, the paperwork backlog got done and filed - I have a desk I can now see - and Rosie has a very full 'in-tray' to sieve through on her return! And I hand washed my wool jumpers which have been in the linen basket for........ well a long time. Rosie refused to do them after she shrunk my favourite one - well okay in was 23 years old but it was just getting that nice snug fitting feeling. The boys have been quite helpful although with the added in-training teenager groan.

I also have the added work load of looking after a friend's dogs, Bobby who has been before, now comes with Lily a 10 week old Golden Retriever. This is the first time I have met her. She is been a bundle of fun, except when stealing the cat's food, and been pretty good for a puppy, now worn out, asleep, in front of the fire. She has fitted in with all the other animals although she did need to learn some Duck Etiquette - i.e not to chase them around. Juggling feeding time with four dogs and the cats has been interesting to say the least. But with help from the boy's I've have got it down to a fine art.

Now the but for..... Unfortunately the grey kitten, Smoky, got run over and killed on Wednesday. As you would think, the chances of that happening here would be virtually zero and even worse it was me driving at the time. I was taking Tom to athletics and Smoky tried to get in the 4x4 as we got in so I put him out. I then reversed out and the next second I looked up and he was on the ground. I rushed over but it was too late and he quickly died in my arms. All I can think off is that he had climbed or was climbing into the engine compartment to come with us and that was that. He had a habit of getting into cars and, in fact, a few days ago when I opened the bonnet to check the oil there he was, so......... Obviously we are upset and it was not the best call I had to make to Rosie. But these things happen. He was a very happy, knowing cat and followed us around everywhere. Lily and he played constantly the couple of days before and at least he had a happy albeit short life. And at least Lily is here keeping as all amused with her antics.

He'll be greatly missed.


  1. So sorry to read of Smokey's death. That must have been utterly horrible for you, but as you say he had a lovely happy life and it was a mercifully quick end.

  2. how awful.

    as Marigold said - at least it was quick

  3. So sorry to hear about Smokey. It was a quick end and unfortunately these things happen as kittens and cats are often too curious for their own good. But a good life and a quick end - and that's all any of us can hope for!


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