Sunday, 23 May 2010

MORE hungry mouths

Posted by Rosie

Hilda, the duck, is also a Mum!! I went in to feed the ducks this morning and got a wonderful view of her ducklings, at least 10, maybe more. They were too bunched up and wriggly to make an accurate count and of course I didn't have the camera. When I went back later she was keeping them well and truly hidden so this was the best I could get.

And there is yet one more mouth - Tom found this amazing caterpillar yesterday. It is an Oak Eggar Moth which feeds, not on oak, but amongst other things bramble, hawthorn and sloe (blackthorn). Tom found it crossing a track and the plants in the nearby hedge were bramble and sloe. So now Squiggly is residing in a bucket in Tom's room with hawthorn and bramble to munch on and we are just off to get him (or her) some sloe.

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  1. : ) great news.

    I so remember the days when the childrens bedrooms had containers full of caterpillars, tadpoles etc. in, now it's dirty dishes !

    Last night we set the moth trap for the first time this yesr, fascinating.

    If it survives tell Tom we would love to see some photos as it develops.


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