Thursday, 20 May 2010

Kitchen etc.

Posted by Simon

With much interest in the gite and a definite deadline it's all hands to the gite. So writing posts is taking a very distance second place at the moment.

The kitchen has been fitted and is ready to be installed properly but the final fixings of the units etc cannot be done until the plumber and electrician have completed their bits. I really pleased with the result and looking forward to getting the kitchen up and running.

Other jobs are also going on but in the main are all loads of little things that need dealing with so we can then push on again with the finishing touches. For example I had to get the stone hearth in so we can get the wood burner in place then we can get the chimney liner in and so on and so forth.

Next week we are going to start painting with our home made paint. This evening I experimented with a different colour (yellow ochre) and added distilled vinegar to the recipe - this is apparently reduces the risk of mould in susceptible areas. I also put a coat of linseed oil over the previous test areas and this definitely stabilises the paint. One drawback is that this paint is runnier then your average tin of paint - could be a very messy job especially with my paint brush skills!!


  1. Well done, I know the work that's involved, especially the time comsuming unseeen jobs. It is looking really good :)

  2. good golly, it looks like a gite!! All the hidden necessities take so much energy and money but no one ever really notices do they? Great work xx
    Our plans to come and stay are being thwarted on all sides (money is the main factor of course) as my 2 best girlfriends are pregnant and sick. Never mind, one day we will hire the gite out. Until then I shall read your blog with continued interest. If to do manage to get back to France (I need to see Brittany again or I'll die) I'll try to visit you and the boys xxx


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