Thursday, 25 March 2010

And now I'm back!

Posted by Rosie

Yes, it really was a flying visit - a day to get to Mum's, 2 days there and a day to get home again. It was all good fun though and I even managed to catch up with Colour it Green who ventured up from South Devon on the promise of cake! We had a lovely time chatting about sheep, chickens and all the important things in life ..... and then got slightly damp whilst the boys spent an hour playing in the park in the rain and got soaked!!

I have come back with vital supplies - marmite, golden syrup, poppadoms, brown sugar etc etc. Some things you can get here in the English section that almost all supermarkets have, but they are always very expensive. Then there was a bagful of charity shop books for Simon and about a year's worth of newspapers that Mum had saved for us so we can light the fire without having to scrabble round trying to find something suitable - oh and Mum's video player which she never uses. Ours died recently and whilst we don't watch much tv there is the odd thing we'd like to tape, especially nature programmes which Tom enjoys.

I might only have been away 4 days but Spring has well and truly sprung here - everywhere is looking much greener and the sheep actually have a bit of grass to nibble now. The wild flowers are looking wonderful with anemones, cowslips, wild daffodils, primroses and violets in bloom. I've yet to venture into the veg garden but hopefully I will find some germinated seeds there.

Simon has also made great progress in the gite which I am sure he will write about later. All the upstairs walls are ready for finishing (my job I think) and he's galloping on with the downstairs walls. He did this despite having to look after the animals in my absence. All went well there except for 2 exceedingly pesky ducks who point blank refused to go the bed and so spent two nights out. I believe naughty words were said to them. I wonder if I'll have any better luck trying to get them in
this evening?


  1. It's nice to get away isn't it, but it's just as good to get back home.

    Good luck with the ducks tonight, I've been chasing a chicken in the dark recently I'm sure she's the exception to the rule and can see in the dark, she never wants to get tucked up with the others!!

    Sue xx

  2. The ducks are in but I have to say it took all 4 of us to finally trap them and catch them in the barn. Tomorrow they can stay in their enclosure and if we have any more shenanigans like this in the future then they can go in the pot!!

  3. Hmm one of the two cream legbars decided she didn't want to go in, no matter what I did...and next morning I found the fox ( THAT fox...) had had her....

    tell your ducks...this could happen to them.....


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