Monday, 28 December 2009

Oops Sorry

Posted by Simon

Now why 'Oops Sorry'? Well this is to all our friends and family who have not received Christmas cards from us this year. Now this is a deliberate ploy or as Tom would say a 'cunning plan'. You see we are going to send out cards in the New Year (with a letter) and because it will come separately you'll more likely remember it! Or there again, think 'lazy sods' they forgot and they're come up with 101 excuses for not sending them out. Now as highly intelligent people, that you all are, you will obviously believe the former. Though there are those of you who may think like me and head for the latter.

Well 'lazy sods' we are not - but for the 101 excuses I'm sure we could try hard to hit that target.

Now one of our excuses is this:
And the next one is this:

So 2 down 99 excuses to go.

So yes we got snowed in and we have been skiing - we'll post about both of those soon.

Anyway I'm sure I could make another 99 excuses but I'm also sure you'll look forward to receiving our card and letter soon. And I'm sure we'll do better than one of my mother's old neighbours who sent our Christmas card in June last year with a note saying "I'm not sure if this is early for this year or, as is more likely, late for last year"!


  1. Isn't there a postal strike in France? You could make that one up as excuse no.3 - sooner or later a strike will happen anyway! We would be none the wiser!

    Looks like you are all having a great time anyway. Happy New Year to you all!

  2. I did start to write the other 99 excuses but decided it was too long for a blog, and that was one excuse, and to be fair the locals here have praised our post lady. Apart from one day she has managed to deliver the mail. I had to put snow chains on to get to the local town so she did well


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