Thursday, 3 September 2009

Rain Stops Play

Posted by Simon

Unfortunately the rain did not stay away and the builders made frantic efforts to keep everything covered. It was one those days where it would stop, so they carried on, then it suddenly rained again and they covered up again. At lunch time they eventually stopped work on the roof, covered any gaps, and started work on making new holes for the windows. I'm surprised they stayed on the roof for so long as it must have been very slippery and with the wind very unpleasant.

Anyway they are progressing very well despite the weather, although I seem to be getting nowhere fast. When they started work in the gite I was in the way but did get a bit done in there. I think it will be easier for me to work at the weekend rather than get in the way of the builders.

And last night I did not sleep that well as I was concerned about the covers being blown off in the wind and could hear them flapping around. I had visions of me at three in the morning up on the roof trying to get it covered again. The covers did stay put but I'm now a little tired.

But getting to bed to night could be interesting because apart from new windows for the gite we are having one put in at the rear of our bedroom, for a future bathroom. So there is plastic sheeting and dust covers everywhere so finding my way in may be an adventure!

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