Tuesday, 1 September 2009

I need rain - just not today!!

Posted by Rosie

Here in sunny Calvados we have not had any rain for several weeks now - the water butts and well are dry, I'm fed up with watering the polytunnel and it is a long way from the water tank by the house to the pigs who insist on up-ending their water bucket several times a day. The veg patch is looking very tired and all in all I need a really good downpour to put things right .......... just not today!


This is why:

The builders are in taking off the roof tiles and replacing the rusted hooks and when that is done they will be opening up three holes for new windows. Yesterday, as they took the tiles off, it was glorious sunshine, today as the gite stands there somewhat bear above, rain is forecast. So I am very glad to see there are four men here, working at great speed to get the job done. Hopefully we will have a roof covering before the rain arrives - if the rain arrives!!


  1. I really shouldn't comment...it may not be polite, as I type the rain is lashing against the windows as it has for far too many days this summer.
    Good luck with the roof, it's sure to rain now : )

  2. What a delightful looking building, Rosie! you guys are so lucky.
    When your roof's sorted please help yourself to some of our rain! x

  3. wot Annie said... :)

  4. Annie, CiG - I heard the SW was getting a bit of rain - luckily (for us anyway) it stayed with you today and that section of the roof is 90% tiled now. Rain is forecast for later in the week so we'll have to see what happens when they start the other half of the roof.

    Lucy - glad you like the gite-to-be - it'll be even nicer when it has windows, doors, internal walls .....!

  5. Hope the roof's going OK; bit wet here, but on and off. I'm sure I can find something to do inside!




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