Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Gite Progress

Posted by Simon

We are having a very hot spell at the moment which has meant the builders have been able to get on - although by late afternoon they were flagging due to the heat. The roof has virtually been finished today and they have now started installing the granite surrounds to the windows. I managed to get the foundation done, at the weekend, for the wall on the split level ground floor. Otherwise I have not been able to get much else done in the gite as it is impossible to get in there whilst the builders are here.

I have managed to get one or two other jobs done in the mean time. We acquired some concrete rabbit hutches which needed putting up. We have no intention of keeping rabbits, but the hutches are very useful to house hens with chickens or to isolate sick animals. Hopefully they will not have to be used for the latter. I have also been meaning to finish making a gate for a sheep pen in our other field and this afternoon managed to get that done. Tomorrow I'll get the gate hung.

Well it's off to heat the BBQ up as we are taking advantage of this lovely evening to dine outside.

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  1. Sounds like you've been very busy catching up on the smaller jobs - they're always the ones that get left in our house because I think I'll get round to them when I've got a spare minute....!


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