Thursday, 19 February 2009

Companion Planting

Posted by Rosie

Last year, overall the veg patch did really well but there were a few notable exceptions. The onions hardly got any bigger than shallots and one patch of kale and brussels didn't put on any decent growth. Now I think I may have the answer.

I was reading a book this evening about Companion planting called Tomatoes love Carrots. I've known for ages that certain plants can help others grow either by repelling pests or by other less well understood methods but I never investigated it further. So, as I read I took a few notes. "Brassicas i.e. cabbages, kale, brussels etc hate strawberries" and "Onions hate beans." What is right next to the poor kale and brussels? The strawberry patch. What was next to the onions? Broad beans.

Call it co-incidence, I don't know, but I have spent this evening drawing up a plan of what I will grow where this year, taking into account what grew where last year and what likes or dislikes other vegetables. I will report back in the autumn (if I remember) as to how things did - especially the onions as I almost decided not to grow them this year. Now, can I put onions next to the strawberry patch .......?


  1. Ah - one of my pet subjects! I did a very basic introductory guide here:

    Bob Flowerdew isone of the best on this subject, and if you can get hold of them now, books by Philbrick and Gregg. Happy to lend them if you would like.:)

    I like to let eh calendulas and poached egg plants self seed around as they attract hoverflies and lacewings.


  2. I have had a few problems with shrivelled leaves that an 'old boy' down the allotment said were "burnt" by the marigolds I planted to ward off nasty flies...

    For sure there is truth in this.

    Also, I am having a go at planting with the lunar cycle. I am not going to go over board, but I am going to have a bit of a scientific test of my own to see what happens

  3. Thanks for your message on The Garden Path - I'll try and find out why you can't link. I want all the links I can get! It's frustrating as my Typepad blog also has a problem with some people leaving messages...AAARGH!
    Good luck with the jobs

  4. What grows best next to a small redhead with destructive tendencies?

  5. Stinging nettles, berberis, worcesterberry ......?!!!


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