Thursday, 8 January 2009

Summer's here...........

Posted by Simon

.......well I can dream - can't I? But as the temperature soared to the heady heights of at least zero for most of the morning, Rosie and I had the windows open to let some fresh air in and in true European style, duvets and blankets were given a good shaking outside and hung out of the windows to air. And one good little tip is always remember to check which way the wind is blowing before shaking out the bedding - especially the dogs beds. So we then had a house cleaning session! Then I brought the logs in and had to hoover downstairs again!! C'est la vie.

After a few very cold days, down to minus 11, it was lovely to have it a bit warmer although most days have been very sunny and the scenery beautiful with the ice encrusted trees twinkling at their tips. Great weather for wrapping up well and walking the dogs - so Rosie tells me, as getting up on cold mornings is not my forte. Both of us prefer the ice hard ground to the sloppy wet mud we had to traipse through. But it is not so good for the jobs that need doing outside or digging up the vegetables.

So we have done a few indoor jobs and paperwork which always seems to be neglected when there are more interesting things to do outside. Admittedly we are holding back on some work due to the poor exchange rate at the moment. Rosie has worked on a problem with the planning and we also spent a hour or so looking for a missing mousetrap, both of which Rosie will blog about later.

And one big difference from last winter, we have noticed, is how much warmer the house is since we have installed the double glazing. It should be even warmer when I get the roof insulated.


  1. Oh my gosh, you will really notice the difference once the loft in insulated. We had the cavity walls done first an then a month or so later the loft.

    It actually gets to the point some nights where I have to open the sitting room door as it gets too warm. Yes this is definitely a good move.

    We are trying to make our house as heat efficent as possible. even doing the old candle trick around the house to see if there are any drafts. Draft excluders are also a fantastic thing.

    Oh and since I have seen you dogs I am now even greener with Envy, of where you live and the dogs. Especially Saari. If you ever want to let her go, she can surely come and live with me in a heart beat. Do you find her exceptionally loyal?

    Enough I think you should just give me you life and you have mine? What do you think? I am sure it is hard work but the benefits you have from it... well you only have to open your window or shop for food to know, you are far better off over there.

    And you will laugh the word verification is COLDBAN. Hilarious

  2. We are certainly very lucky with our life here, even if the language and cultural differences do sometimes make even simple things much harder.

    Hopefully when we are up and running with the first gite you will come over and meet Saari in the flesh ..... and see that whilst she is loyal it is mostly cupboard love - she is such a dreadful thief!!


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