Saturday, 8 November 2008

Take one large cardboard box ......

Posted By Rosie

..... add chalk and you can keep two small boys very happy for hours. In truth it was Ben's box after we read a story about a boy who wrapped himself in a decorated box for his Mum's birthday present, but he let Tom play in it too. Together they covered it in chalk drawings and it became any number of things from a bed to a castle as part of their imaginative games. They played with it so much that today it collapsed. All was not lost though; Ben appeared with a book containing instructions on how to make a person out of .... you guessed it ..... a flattened cardboard box.

Meet Charlie then, the newest member of the Hill house. Apparently he has a bit of a cold at the moment so he is spending the evening in the chair by the fire. I might just join him there in a minute.

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  1. ahhh marvelous!!!!its the old adage isnt it,the box IS more fun!! :o)
    GTM x


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