Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Sheep Limbo Competion!

Posted by Simon

Okay Rosie, so you told me my, 'keep the sheep from the hen's food fencing,' wouldn't work but I bet you somebody will still discover our blog by putting into a search engine 'sheep limbo competition' !!!


  1. Only yesterday I found a sheep in our garden which had jumped over (quite a high) fence between us and the field. Fortunately it was still happily munching away on our newly planted hedge saplings and hadn't yet got into the main garden...

    They're surprisingly agile, really. I guess nothing gets in the way of a sheep and a tasty morsel.

  2. You were lucky the escapee didn't do more damage - hopefully the saplings will recover. We quite fancy having goats but need to find a way to make the garden TOTALLY goat-proof - the veg garden, in particular, is hallowed ground!

    Rosie x

  3. oh I really fancy keeping goats.. but its not if but when they get away...
    nice picture - lets us know how many hits you get on people googling sheep limbo... wont you..


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