Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Marrow and Ginger Jam

A couple of days I ago I found this rather large and somewhat deformed courgette (marrow?) lurking underneath one of my courgette plants. Not wanting to see it go to waste I searched out a recipe I was sure I had for marrow and ginger jam.

And the result - 4 jars of lovely jam, that at dinner time also doubled up nicely as a sauce for vanilla ice cream.
This link will take you to the recipe - third post down.

The recipe was in an old book called "Cookery in Colour - a picture encyclopedia for every occasion" edited by Marguerite Patten. I don't know how old it is but it was the book I learnt to cook from and I suspect it was probably a wedding present for my parents. (Amazon has copies published in 1960 so that would fit). Some of the recipes now feel very dated e.g. spaghetti soufflé, liver and onion ring, chops in batter and it is a fine example of how food is fashionable and changes as much as hemlines and hairstyles. There are 25 recipes in a section entitled "Television snacks and sandwiches" as the book was published as families were starting to move from the dinner table to the living room to eat their meals. No microwave dinners here though - prawn risotto, bicester cakes and creole macaroni was the suggestions of the day.

I am not sure I would ever try chops in batter but the marrow and ginger jam got a definite thumbs up here and whilst the liver and bacon ring recipe was a bit fiddly, come the colder weather we do all enjoy liver and bacon with plenty of fluffy mash and buttered cabbage fresh from the garden.


  1. oh looks nice. My mum has marg patt cook book... bit.. 1950s..but sometimes gems that are worth repeating over and over

  2. I think I may have to make some more marrow and ginger jam - one jar has already gone and my youngest even asked for it on his porridge this morning!

    I agree with you about old cookery books - have you ever come across the BeRo cookbooks? Mine is falling to bits as it is the one I turn to time and time again for cakes, pastries and crumble (a recipe I can never remember the quantities for!)

  3. My mother used to make marrow and ginger jam (I'm sure it must have come from the same book) and I loved it! Something a bit different...

  4. My gran used to make marrow and ginger jam. In fact I blogged about her this morning :) I love old cookery books too. My mum had a Milk Board one that fell to bits as it was constantly in use.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I didn't grow cucumbers this year as no one except me really likes them but I think I'll try next year.

    Love your blog and what you're trying do :)

    Ali x

  5. Looks like mine. Like your site. See my jam on From here you can reach my site if you would like to. (Is also my granny's jam)


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