Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Summer's here

The sun finally came out today and the boys celebrated as only small boys can:

The vegetable garden is looking pretty good now. So, pinching an idea from Colour it Green's blog
, here is a quick tour of what is growing out there.

Top of bed 1 showing rather small onions and bolted lettuces but an excellent crop of parsley and some huge broad beans in the background. The courgettes are just starting (no glut - yet) but the kale and sprouting broccoli still has a lot of growing to do.

Bottom of bed 1 - Brussels (looking fantastic if I say so myself), swede and leeks for the winter with pumpkins just beginning to take off. You may just be able to see some red leaves - this is red orache which you eat young as a salad leaf and cook as spinach when it is bigger.

Bed 2 with a real mix of things, some doing better than others. The thin leaves slightly to the right of the picture are salsify which I've never grown before. In the top right you can just see some rhubarb, some of 7 plants I moved from the old veg patch here and which are doing really well. I've resisited the urge to pick any this year to give the plants the chance to strengthen up. But next year I am planning to see if I can actually get fed up with rhubarb crumble, cake, chutney .......

Bed 3 is mainly the fruit bed but as the bushes are all still small I've infilled the gaps with all sorts of things such as sweetcorn, kale, climbing french beans, pumpkins and the tallest sunflowers I have ever grown. I got enough fruit to make a couple of nice puddings but again, next year should be a lot more productive (I hope).


  1. all looks excellent - my swede failed and leeks look pathetic next to yours.. how did you grow them? started indoors?
    I really enjoy this looking around other people's gardens!

  2. My swedes are doing well - first time ever. Looks like all brassicas do well here as opposed to my onions, shallots and garlic which are pathetically small. As for the leeks - I cheated and bought them at the market - 2.50 euros for 50 seemed too much of a bargain to miss. In fact I bought some more today to make up for the lack of onions. I do have a few of my own to transplant but they are tiny.

    I'm glad to enjoyed the garden - maybe you can visit it for real one day.


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