Thursday, 17 July 2008


Yesterday I eventually finished the outline plans and they have been sent to the architects to be deciphered. I debunked to my workshop in the end as trying to do plans with two little boys trying to help and visitors talking was nigh on impossible. Anyway another stage completed. Now it's a matter of waiting.

Whilst getting the plans ready to post and writing a covering letter - this time hiding away in our bedroom - through the window I was watching the dogs having a great time chasing around and playing in the garden when I noticed something amiss. A hole in the fence line, um. The gate was obvious by its absence. Yes the ram had rammed open the gate into the ewes field again. He had been trying on and off most of the day and now it had given in to his assault. Fortunately the ewes were playing hard to get and were giving him the run around. This made it harder for us to separate him but I suppose it is one way of getting Rosie and me fit chasing the ram around the fields. So now the gate has been wired up shut and the ram is nursing a headache.

Saari has gone to the vets today to be spayed so she will not be running around for the next few days, which will be difficult for her. At least it will give us piece of mind, especially as Rosie has just walked in and told me that the local farmers dog is now proudly showing off 9 puppies.

Well it's off to cut the grass again - before it rains again.


  1. yick dont mention rain :oS its drizzling here today,but I have still had to water n teh new cabbages up the field this morning!
    Am really sorry to read about your dad passing away,hope your hapy memories soon shine thru the sadness x x xx

  2. No rain today and the weather forecast is looking good for the next few days.
    Thanks for the note about Dad - he's now no longer in pain.
    Hope you enjoy the blog - I drop into yours as regularly as I can.


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