Saturday, 21 June 2008

Cola Cleaner

Our toilet has been looking a little the worse for wear recently with a stubborn build-up of limescale. I'd tried various limescale removers but none worked very well and all smelt vile. Then I read somewhere that cheap cola would do the trick. So I bought the cheapest bottle I could find (40 cents for 2 litres) and not expecting too much success poured it down the toilet and left it over night. "Mum - some-one's done a brown wee," came Ben's dulcet tones at some unearthly hour this morning. It was far too early to try and explain but when I did get up a while later I have to say I was a bit shocked. The limescale was now dark brown and looked a whole lot worse. HOWEVER, a quick scrub round with the loo brush and it came up as good as new. Fantastic - clean loo with no horrible limescale remover smells. Simon had also poured a little of the cola into a lovely blue glass bottle I want to use for oil but could not get the alcohol smell out of. Guess what - one night of cola, a quick rinse in the morning and it too is like new. All I can say is, if that is what cola does to limescale and alcohol smells what the heck does it do to stomachs?


  1. Cola also cleans the stomach. Mind you the interior of the stomach is quite strong, and it does not soak in it for hours. I would like to try your coke one day.

  2. The other thing that works terribly well for this is a couple of spoonfuls of the pH moins stuff sold for swimming pools. It's probably cheaper even than cheap coke and does no damage to septic tanks. I'm not sure the same can be said of coke, however.

  3. Thanks for that Jon - I wasn't too happy about having to buy cola so will try this next time.

    GROAN - My two boys have just come back from our neighbour telling me they've been drinking "coca". At least their French isn't up to saying we use cola as toilet cleaner!!

  4. I have used cola before to clean loos! its gross stuff :oS I have nearly ha! weaned the hubby off of it :o)
    taken 11 years tho!

  5. I've heard of this a few times before and each time it makes me a bit more happy that I gave up cola years back...



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